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Bernie Kosar: Learning to Scramble

Bernie Kosar: Learning to...

Price $19.95
Favorite Recipes from Higbee's Silver Grille

Favorite Recipes from...

Price $16.50
Cleveland Stadium: The Last Chapter

Cleveland Stadium: The Last...

Price $10.00
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Geauga Lake: Sunrise to Sunset

Geauga Lake: Sunrise to Sunset

Price $21.50
A Euclid Beach Park Album

A Euclid Beach Park Album

Price $18.95
All Access Cleveland: The Rock And Roll Photography of Janet Macoska

All Access Cleveland: The...

Price $25.95
Euclid Avenue: Cleveland's Sophisticated Lady

Euclid Avenue: Cleveland's...

Price $17.95
A Higbee History: From Designer Labels to Casino Tables

A Higbee History: From...

Price $24.95
East Fourth Street: The Rise, Decline, and Rebirth of an Urban Cleveland Street

East Fourth Street: The...

Price $10.00
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Pop Goes Cleveland!: The Impact of Cleveland (and Northeast Ohio) on Pop Culture

Pop Goes Cleveland!: The...

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Vintage Cleveland II: More Photographs of Yesteryear

Vintage Cleveland II: More...

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The Peter Witt Streetcars of Cleveland

The Peter Witt Streetcars...

Price $13.50